Getting started with iOS development

Getting started

OK, so, the iOS, everyone talking about it, lots and lots of great apps being released every day, probably you have downloaded them all and you start to have some excellent ideas for creating apps, but how do I start my quest for the holy grail awesome app?


It doesn’t really matter if you have the best idea ever, or if your technical skills are the best, if you don’t have the required equipment to start the iOS development, you can’t do much about it. If you have an intel based mac / macbook, you are good to go, I really would recommend at least one iPhone device, so you can test on it, I mean, the simulator is great, but you can’t always rely on it.

At the present moment we have 4 iPhone models (I’m not counting the iPad and the iPod touches), the perfect scenario would be have them all, but that’s not always possible, so, at least one, it’s a good start.

The iPhone Developer Program

OK, you have your mac and your iPhone, what now?

You have to register on the iPhone Developer Program. The registration itself is free, so you can download the SDK and access some Apple guides, but (yeah, it’s Apple, nothing it’s really free), if you want to test your apps on the device and make your iPhone(s) purchase worthy, you need to enroll on the standard program which costs $99 a year.

Now that you are enrolled on the program, you should bookmark these links because they will be your best friends, forget your parents, forget your girlfriend, the only ones you really can count on are these links:

iPhone Application Programming

One excellent way to get started on the iOS development is to watch the Stanford University’s iPhone Application Development on iTunes U

It’s really awesome and covers from dummy to advanced, even if you consider yourself a good iOS developer, I would recommend to watch some episodes of this.

Start developing

OK, so, enough theory, don’t try to master Objective-C all at once. Open Xcode try it for yourself and see how it goes. There’s some Stanford’s handouts  that you can practice on, but you should go beyond, search for some examples, modify it, run it again, and again, and get familiar with the language. If you are a Java developer, or something like that, you will sure find that Obj-C is really different, but in the end, I bet that you’ll like it 🙂

Have fun

Yep, that’s it, just have fun, enjoy it, Obj-C is a fun language and you should take the best from it. With that in mind, go back to your quest to develop that awesome app. and maybe you will find the holy grail.